Costa Rica -

Costa Rica is a small nation located in Central America. It has got a long history of democracy and freedom. This biodiverse and highly cultured nation has friendly citizens who speak many different languages. Spanish is the nation's official language, but there are many other languages spoken like, English, Bribri, Creole Mekatelyu, and Mandarin Chinese. Citizens can import products and send parcels to other counties and pay a customs import duty. Costa Ricans are known for their coffee, Salsa Lizano and chocolate. The nation's official religion is Catholicism that also has the power to enact laws through the government. The nation disbanded their army in 1939 and has been democratic for 60 years now. Costa Rica has a long history of indigenous heritage as well as Spanish colonial influence.

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Costa Rica as a Holiday Destination

With their diversity in culture and the amazing landscape, Costa Rica is an excellent holiday destination. Many people from different countries head to Costa Rica for their vocational activities. Citizens of Canada, Europe and America, do not need visas to enter into Costa Rica

1. Arenal Volcano

Also known as the adventure capital of Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano is an excellent place to visit with friends and family. Some of the activities you can partake in include;

- Ziplining

- Rappelling

- Whitewater

- Rafting

- Gravity falls

- Sky limit

The fantastic scenery promotes the spirit of exploration and going to adventures.

2. Manuel Antonio

This national park harbours a diverse variety of wild animals. You can view a different creature from the window of your hotel room as there is accommodation close by. Manuel Antoni opens you up to beach activates, mangroves and estuaries as well as rainforests.

3. Rincon de la Viejas

Rincon de la Viejas is as far as you can get from San Jose. You get to experience country living as it is in Costa Rica. The tranquillity and peace of mind that comes with quiet, authentic country-side living. You also get to experience what it is to be a cowboy in Costa Rica.

Apart from the attractive tourism sites, Costa Rica also rich in food products that include fruits, vegetables, herbs and traditional cuisines. Their coffee is richly flavoured and packed in bags made of natural fibre. Salsa Lizano is a vegetable sauce with a tangy, spicy taste that goes with many recipes. Their chocolate is made from cacao beans found in the forests, and even wild animals feed on them.

Sending of Parcels to Costa Rica

Customs import duty is charged on imported products that are of luxury or retails purpose. Citizens can buy products online and have them shipped to them. The country has got two major airports that can do imports and several other airstrips that serve within the state. You can have a banded courier service deliver items to a friend or family member living in Costa Rica. Some products are not allowed into the country unless approved by the public health ministry. They include fertiliser, food and medicine. You can obtain a permit for such import from specified companies that work hand in hand with the public health ministry. When importing items, you need to provide a list of those items and their values before the importation is done.